Preparing for 2013


The presents have all been opened, the wrapping paper in the trash
The days have been a whirlwind of activity now I just want to crash.
The hype and build up for the day is over, Christmas has come and gone
Now New Years is around the corner time to break out the Dom Perignon
Resolutions will be made, news highlights, and “best of” lists will be revealed
2012 will be over, the the events of the year will in our mind forever be sealed.
Shootings in Aurora and Connecticut, Obama re-elected
So much anger so much hatred it all needs to be redirected.
In 2013, lets resolve to be better to each other
Love one another as if they were our sister or brother.
Pull out, dust off and review the golden rule
Life will be more enjoyable if we are nice not cruel.
As I reflect and close out 2012 and put it to bed,
I know in 2013 there is more than pounds I want to shed.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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3 comments on “Preparing for 2013
  1. I am a AVID present WRAPPER!!! I MUST have PERFECTION!!! and now it’s all in the trash 😦 My son is 3 so we CAN”T just leave presents out because my little boy will be in them!!! I usually wrap red presents from santa so they KNOW they didnt’ come from me!!! But I can’t put them out until SANTA because the baby can’t help him self! Poor me!!!

    • It seems wrong all the hard work in wrapping a gift and it is torn apart in 5 seconds. With my boys being older they have unfortunately outgrown Santa which I think is sad.

      • My daughter is out if it now to but my son is only 3 so I get to make her may accomplice. At first she was all like OH mom were going to lie and trick Ollie. (she’s 13) and I sad YESS DUH!!! It’s what we do!! She’s SO on board now she even helped pick out special Santa paper! I’m glad I had my children so far apart!

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