Is this what we have come to?

Some of the weird items found in the news and on the internet this week.  It make me wonder how much lower can human kind sink to?

Denny’s is opening a restaurant in Las Vegas complete with a wedding chapel. (Denny’s unveils wedding chapel at Vegas location) That’s right get married then settle down at the reception with a grand slam breakfast. I’m sure millions of young women will start dreaming of their magical wedding being held at Denny’s, sharing that special moment with other patrons, busboy, cooks and wait staff. Nothing says “I love you” like a wedding at Denny’s.

24k gold pills will help you poop gold. Yes you read that right, for $425 you can buy gold pills from the web site Citizen:Citizen  that will allow you to create “chambers of wealth from your innermost parts”  Really, who thinks of these things and who is buying them because according to the web site they are out of stock of these pills.


I’m sorry but if I had $425 to waste it sure would not be on a pill that turns my you know what into gold.

Finally, a burger that is so hot you have to sign a waiver, and wear gloves to eat it.  It is called the Atomic Fallout Burger  available from Atomic Burgers in England.  The burger has a three pepper sauce on the meat and “two of the hottest peppers known to man: the ghost pepper and the Scotch bonnet,”   Now you have to sign a waiver holding the restaurant harmless of any legal obligations if you should need medical assistance from eating the burger.  Than you have to wear gloves because apparently the hot sauce would burn your hands.  Yep sounds like a great burger to eat after a night of drinking.

On a somewhat lighter side (maybe) , two weeks until Christmas.  Ho Ho Ho

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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5 comments on “Is this what we have come to?
  1. Those are just WRONG!

  2. I sat this on Tumblr last week. I couldn’t believe it. Some people are so rich. I drink a snuff of Goldschlager in the new year but at-least there is alcohol in it. I mean just a gold pill? are people so rich?

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