Weekly Photo Challenge-Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons is the theme for this week’s photo challenge.

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”
Lewis Carroll 

Winter has finally arrived in the Rocky Mountain state.  The temperature has dropped and snow has fallen.   Mother Nature herself is preparing for Christmas.

Picnic Table covered in snowThere will be no Sunday afternoon picnics today, unless you want a nice helping of snow with your hotdog or sandwich.

Pond with iceThe water might be a little on the cold side.  Thin layer of ice forming near the left bank.

Creek bedThe creek is no longer flowing

Fountain in middle of pondThe fountain still runs despite the snow, wind, and cold.

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Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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18 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Changing Seasons
  1. The Hook says:

    Beautiful work. I hate the winter, but your shots are gorgeous!

  2. Hello my friend! I nominate you for the ‘Blog of the Year 2012 Award’! Please, check out my blog for the details!

  3. FRS great photos, makes me miss Colorado!

    • Thank you, glad I could bring back a few of those Colorado memories

      • I may have to head back there or even to Canada again. Miss the atmosphere there.

      • Well if you do ever head back here let me know, I’ll buy you a drink or something

      • 3 or 4 runs down a blue or black lane in Aspen and 2 or 3 bottles of Makers Mark ( on my dime of course, lol) and just some good old fashion memory making time…Its one of the few places I ever regret leaving. I remember when I first was stationed there that people said you’ll get “Cabin Fever” your first six months there if you move there right before the first snow…I did and I hated it initially…but grew to love it.

      • Thankfully I moved here in the middle of the summer, so I had a chance to explore the area before winter hit. Than of course my first two winters here have been on the mild side. I like your idea of Aspen and the bottles of Makers Mark.

      • Ah I think I have found another connoisseur of smooth whiskey…Unfortunately for me my first winter there ran all the way through till the following 4th of July when we got 4 days of straight Snow in the Summer! That was a blast it was also the first time I skied the Broadmore in classic OP Shorts and no Shirt…lol

      • That had to be a blast.

      • It was till I got the bill from Uncle Sam for damaging Government Property…GI meant government issue back then and when you signed the contract you had to read the fine print…I didn’t I was young…But windburn, mild sunburn and Ice rash on my thighs and ass…well that put a damper on that every happening again but up until i wiped on my 10 or 11th run for the day it was…lol

      • Windburn, sunburn, and ice rash will put a damper on things. However the joys of being young and carefree that is way better than any minor medical issues.

      • Minus the 1500 dollar fine (two months salary back then for a young soldier…that was truly the painful part…good thing I had the presence of mine to save money for special occasions then…) lol. Have a great day gotta head to the VA now…

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics of the snow! I wish we would get some here, but don’t see it coming to Kansas anytime soon. Maybe a white Xmas would help me feel better about Xmas.

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