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I step outside and the sun warms my body. It is warmth that the body needs That warmth can’t replace the warmth of family and friends. The warmth I need to survive and press on each day.

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RIP Twinkies

Sad day today, Hostess Brands shut its doors.  What this means is no more Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes or Suzie Q’s.  The company has been in a dispute with one of the unions.  The company filed a second bankruptcy case in

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Forgiveness, half price for a limited time! Hurry sale ends soon

Worried about the end of the world? Don’t have enough time to seek forgiveness for your sins? Worried that you may not make it to heaven? A Russian coupon site has the answer for you. What’s the price of redemp­tion,

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I get by with a little help from my friend

The journey began twenty years ago, and like all journeys it began with a single step. That single step took us down a path we have never traveled before. That single step took us through fields of sunshine and joy.

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Stink no more

Do you want to smell good, don’t have any deodorant with you? How about eating a sweet to help you smell better? A product is coming to the US market that by eating a candy the company claims you will

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Travel Theme: Soft

Where’s my Backpack’s theme this week is soft. Soft can be many things, it can be a type of music, a favorite pillow or blanket that helps me take an afternoon nap.  The  feel of fresh grass under my foot,

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Sunday Post- Wonderful

Jake Printers theme this week is wonderful. Cars are a big part of Americana, we dream about different cars, they are prominent in many songs and movies. Ever since Henry Ford brought us the model T they have been a

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Training for gluttony

The big feast is two weeks away, yes I’m talking about Thanksgiving. It is time to start preparing. Don’t want to be so stuffed from all the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn etc that I can’t shovel down some apple pie.

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It’s over

God help this country over the next four years, I fear for her.

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Geometry

I picked two different shapes for this challenge, the first one is the circle, represented by the Olympic Rings.  The Olympic rings are five circles joined together and the five colors represent the colors from all the countries flags represented

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