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Zombie Boot Camp, how in the hell did I miss this?  Now I definitely  need to plan a trip to England.  There is a company that offers a Zombie Boot Camp  that, according to their website offers:

“full combat training for the apocalypse.  Under the expert guidance of military instructors trained specifically to battle fictional, imaginary characters, you’ll be given a full weapons training.”

Pistols, rifles and grenades will become your new friends as you master these tools of survival. There will be a briefing as you try to work out the best strategic way to dispatch your undead enemy. Then it’s the main event as you and your life-loving, monster-hating comrades enter a deserted spooky warehouse with the intention of clearing it of the zombie hordes.”

I mean come on, that type of training could come in handy some day.  You never know when the world will go to sh*t and half the population is a flesh-eating zombie. Plus you get to play with guns, yeah!!! They also offer Zombie Shopping Mall, where you battle zombies in a mall, or Zombie Manor House, fight zombies in an abandoned country house.  All of these sound so cool.  Anyone in the states want to help me create a version here in the US.  Anyone in England been to any of these?

I am a fan of the TV series  “The Walking Dead”  and the podcast “We’re Alive”, and many an episode I have wondered

a) what would life be like if half the population was zombies,

b) could I survive

TV series, movies, and books that deal with survival such as The Walking Dead” or Stephen King’s “The Stand” have always been an interest of mine.  How different the world would be and how the things we now take for granite would be gone and also how people would have to work together to survive, putting away differences.

I guess I need to sign up for the zombie boot camp to increase my chances for survival.




Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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3 comments on “Survival Training
  1. The Hook says:

    Amazing concept! Thanks for sharing.

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