Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I am very humbled to have been nominated by three writers for two awards.  It is a great feeling knowing someone reads my posts and like what I have written enough to nominate me for various awards.

The Sadder but Wiser Girl and Lady Taylor Lynx both nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award.

The rules as presented to me for the Liebster Blog Award is to post 11 random facts about myself, answer eleven questions from the individual who nominated you.  Instead of posting 22 random facts, I will just stick to 11.  I don’t won’t to bore you readers too much.

1)  Blue and Green are my favorite colors.

2) I enjoy playing Texas Holdem.  I get together about once a month with a group of people I met via Meetup to play.  I have only won once in the almost two years we have been playing.  Sure glad the buy is in not very much.

3) My top three movies are The Godfather, Airplane, and Stand By Me

4) I have no musical talent or any artistic talent.  If I had to draw a person it would be a stick figure.

5) As a kid I owned a couple Steve Martin comedy albums because I was a wild and crazy guy, and yes they were albums not cds.  I could almost recite some of his routines word for word

6) I love the old “Real Men of Genius” radio commercials for Bud Light, they were creative and very humorous.

7) My Ipod has music from Zac Brown, AC/DC, Toby Keith, The Beatles, Van Halen and Poison to name a few and I prefer Slacker Radio over Pandora

8) I have all three Charlie Brown holiday specials (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) on DVD and every year I watch them.

9) I enjoyed living in Lubbock, Texas.  Most people think I am crazy when I say that but it was a great place,  Sure the dust blew every spring from New Mexico and sure it is very flat, but it is very easy to get around the city.

10) John Grisham, Stephen King and Ken Follett are three of my favorite authors.

11)  I prefer paper over plastic

The eleven questions from The Sadder But Wiser Girl are as follows:

1)What is the neatest place you have ever visited and why?  Hmm I guess Disney World.  I just love all of the parks., Epcot, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios.  Disney does such a great job with the themes and I guess I’m a kid at heart.

2) Favorite kind of pet? Easy dogs.  I am allergic to cats, don’t like birds thanks to the Hitchcock movie.  My youngest had fish at one time but they really don’t do much but swim around in a tank.

3) If you could only eat one food for a whole year what would it be? Pasta,  I love pasta.

4) Who is (or was) your celebrity crush?  Angelina Jolie

5) What genre of movies do you enjoy the most? Westerns, old westerns, recent westerns doesn’t matter.  I have always enjoyed them.

6) ff there was one thing that you could do that you can’t right now, what would it be and why?  Be a sports broadcaster.  It has always been a dream of mine since my days of listening to Jack Buck announce the St Louis Cardinal games

7) Do you have a hobby that you enjoy?  Whats a hobby?  I really don’t at this time.  I guess with running boys all over for their various sports or school stuff I just have not had time.  There are many I would like to try such as photography, or ham radio.

8) If you could invite influential, famous, or just people you admire over for dinner, who would you invite?  Harry Truman since he is from my home state.  Paul McCartney just to ask him a billion questions about The Beatles that I’m sure he is tired of answering.

9) What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Cookie Dough Ice Cream, heck I love Cookie Dough without ice cream

10) If you were given $10,000 and were told you had to give away half of it to help someone, who would you give it to? If you mean a person not a group, then I would find a child in an orphanage and give it to him or her.

11) What led you to start blogging? Fame and fortune of course, why is there any other reason?  Really I started more as a lark.  I’m not a poet and I know it.  I don’t have a great book in me waiting to be written or discovered.  I just started because it was something I had been thinking about doing and one July day I took that leap.

Here are the eleven questions and answer from Lady Taylor Lynx

1)  On a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfied would you say you are right now with your life? Why?  I guess a six.  I love my family they are the best part of my life, but I wish job wise I was doing something else.

2) How old were you when you lost your virginity?  It was in college so probably 19, to long ago to remember.

3) What do you think about astrology?  I really don’t think about it.  I barely know my zodiac sign.  I don’t read horoscopes.  I couldn’t tell you much about astrology really.

4) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done sexually? Hmm nothing really, sorry I’m a boring person.

5) If you could be a super hero what power would you choose to have? X-ray vision, come on who wouldn’t want that.

6) Who or what would you most want to dress up as for Halloween?  One of the Blues Brothers, or maybe a zombie.  Not a cheap throw together at the last-minute zombie but one created by a Hollywood make up artist

7) When was the last time you cried? Why did you cry?  The passing of my grandmother on my mother’s side.  She was just such a sweet woman.  She would always cook me brownies when I visited her.  I have so many great memories of Christmas Eve at her house.  I still miss her.

8) How do you feel about pets? Love them, except cats.  I am allergic to cats.

9) If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? I would be on the radio as a DJ or sports announcer.  I loved working as a DJ at the radio stations at the colleges I went to .  I want to do it again.  Heck I would be willing to do it for free.

10 ) Share an embarrassing secret?  Now if I shared it, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

11) Name 3 of your favorite books.  Stephen King’s The Stand, Stephen Kings It and Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth

The other award I was nominated for is the Sensuous Blog Award from Restless.  I really do appreciate the nomination but my blog is anything but sensuous.  I don’t think I have written anything close but, I am very great full to the person, and I appreciate the nomination.

For this award I only have to answer seven questions, which is good because my finger is getting tired from hunting and pecking on this keyboard.

1) Most romantic memory- Honeymoon in Jamaica

2) Most sensual  music: I Touch Myself by The Divinyls, just go listen to the song and you will understand

3) Most sensual season. Summer.  I hate cold weather (yes I live in Colorado and it gets cold)   In the summer its warm, people hang out by the pool, lake, ocean, any body of water that is nearby.  Now me, I would look like a beached whale if I did.

4) Favorite Flower, Sorry I don’t know much about flowers they all look so nice when they are in bloom, and the smell great.  So my answer would be any flower that is colorful, in bloom and smells great.

5) Favorite fruit.  Does applesauce count?  I don’t eat much fruit.  The closes I come to eating fruit is apple pie

6) Best gift I received.  My family.  I couldn’t ask for anything better everything else is just material items

7) Love is..The greatest cure to many problems

Now for all of the awards I am supposed to nominate others and to develop my own questions for them, but I am going to break the rules and just nominate everyone who reads, or has read my blog.  I can not thank you enough that you take the time to read what I write, and that you take the time to comment on my posts.  That means the most to me.  So to all of you I nominate you for these awards.  You can create your own questions to answer.



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