Forgiveness, half price for a limited time! Hurry sale ends soon

Worried about the end of the world? Don’t have enough time to seek forgiveness for your sins? Worried that you may not make it to heaven? A Russian coupon site has the answer for you.

What’s the price of redemp­tion, fel­low sin­ners? Well, accord­ing to this offer post­ed on Russ­ian site Kupon Klub, it’s just 500 rubles ($16). Come on, you have to admit that’s a bar­gain! But, truth be told, it’s 50% off thanks to the kind­ness of an Ital­ian Catholic church that has offered to pray for the for­give­ness of your sins at half price. All some­one has to do is buy this holy coupon and send its unique num­ber to an email address men­tioned on site. No mat­ter how much you’ve sinned over the years, you can buy just one coupon for your­self, but you can get as many as you want to have your loved-ones’ sins for­giv­en as well. Accord­ing to, the orga­niz­ers of this bizarre cam­paign believe the num­ber of sold coupons will be in the mil­lions, but with 37 days to go to expiry, only 110 peo­ple have bough the dis­count­ed indul­gence vouch­ers. That’s right, 110 peo­ple believe pay­ing $15 for a coupon will open their way into Heav­en.

The rest of the article may be found here

For me this raises several questions, is there a money back guarantee? What if I pay the money and don’t make it to heaven? How do I know my sins are really being forgiven? I think it’s a scam to get some Russian’s hard earned ruble, much like the Nigerian email scams. Unfortunately people will fall for this, so I am offering to pray for peoples forgiveness for the low price of $10. That’s right you can save six dollars by using my prayer service. I take cash only, I offer no guarantees.

I really am not trying to knock the power of prayer to whatever higher being one believes in, prayer can be a very powerful thing, it’s just there are to many unscrupulous people trying to profit off of religion. It is wrong on so many levels.


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2 comments on “Forgiveness, half price for a limited time! Hurry sale ends soon
  1. Brings to mind the saying “You can’t buy love.” You can’t really buy forgiveness either. Apparently people try to sell both!

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