Snow Day

The part of Colorado I live in, received its first measurable snow overnight, it was not a whole lot, just enough to go out and enjoy.  It’s like a tease, letting me know winter will soon be here and I need to get ready.  The mountains and higher elevations have been getting snow already and some of the ski resorts opened for the season over the last few weeks.  Pikes Peak has also received snow several times before last night, but like I said this is the first time that snow  was received in some of the lower elevations.  Having the day off today, I went out and tried to capture some of the wonderful scenery.

snow on pumpkinI just love how the top half of the pumpkin was all covered in snow, almost like a stocking cap covering the stem to keep it warm

Deer at Garden of the Gods ParkOne of the places I headed to this morning was Garden of the Gods Park.  I spotted this herd of deer and had to take a photo.  The one deer was just staring at me watching me, as much as I was watching them.

Garden of the Gods ParkI love this photo for the contrast between the red rocks, the blue sky and the snow on the hill next to it.

Pikes PeakPikes Peak in all of her glory

CloudsI love how mountain top peeks over the top of the clouds.

The great thing about many of the snow falls we get, is the snow usually melts by the afternoon such as the case today.  All the snow in my yard has completely melted the only sign of snow is what is still on Pikes Peak and the higher elevations.

Hope everyone has a great final weekend of October.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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4 comments on “Snow Day
  1. As much as I dislike the snow and ice once the winter gets underway, there is something magical about snowfall. Especially when it is untouched and you are the first one to trek through it. 🙂

    • Snow covering an open field, or on tree branches, or the mountains is so beautiful and something I love seeing, the ice that comes with winter, I could do without. Unfortunately I have to deal with the ice every winter.

  2. I love the Garden of the Gods on a snowy morning…very few people out and about! 😉

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