Sunday Post-Toys

Jake’s Sunday Post this week is toys. One of my favorite toys growing up was my Hot Wheels.  I probably had close to a hundred vehicles, I would lay out the orange tracks all over my room, race the cars down the track.  Crash the vehicles into each other, the wall, or any other object I could find.  A buddy and I would put fire crackers in them to try to blow them up or attach a bottle rocket to them to watch them take off down the sidewalk.  Yes many of my Hot Wheels took on a lot of damage.  I didn’t buy them to let them stay in the package, although now I wish I did because some are worth some money.  Oh well it was more fun to play with them then to look at them in their package.




Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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8 comments on “Sunday Post-Toys
  1. Beth says:

    Hot Wheels! Cool! I recall I had a few pieces of track (I think it was orange?), too. Lots of fun. You might like my VW Dinky Toy submission for this week’s Sunday Post:

  2. surroundedbyimbeciles says:

    Man, I loved Hot Wheels. They were a lot better than those fake toy cars by Matchbox.

  3. jakesprinter says:

    Great interpretation for this week topic , Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  4. Colline says:

    I the first shot these toys look quite life-like

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