Would it strain your voice too much to say hello?

Would it hurt your face too much to offer a smile?

Is your arm broken that you can’t offer a friendly wave?

What happened that we are no longer a friendly society? If you ever people watch at a park, mall, or even a busy street you will see there is little to no interaction. Most people have their head down looking at their shoes, or their eyes are so focused so as not to make eye contact, or they are buried in their cell phone. Heaven forbid they miss a text or the latest rumor about Rhianna.

Why are we less friendly? Am I the only one who sees this, am I completely off base with this? I’m sure sociologists and psychologists can give me a big drawn out answer, but is it that we have become more self-centered, more not wanting to get out of our little box? Has technology programmed us to now only communicate via a 140 character text, a tweet, or Facebook update? I am just as guilty. I barely know my neighbors, I have been going to the same church for two years now and know the same number of people now as I did when I first went, which is basically zero and that is very sad considering its a church, where we all are supposed to be welcoming, warm and friendly.

My challenge to everyone, myself included, is to step out of our box and the next time you are in a store, or down the street, is to make eye contact with someone smile and say hello. That ten second act of kindness could have such a positive rippling effect on the other person and what did it cost you, nothing. Then take it a step further, reach out to someone you see regularly, a neighbor, the person at the front desk you pass every day, the clerk at the coffee shop, heck even a blogger you follow and try to have a conversation, more than just “hi”. Take a minute to really talk to them, once again the positive rippling effect could be enormous.  A little more friendliness would help the world a great deal.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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13 comments on “Invisible
  1. mountainmae says:

    Perhaps in cities it is a form of protection- the isolation in a crowd. Fortunately for me I live in a place where you greet others in your world with the graduated acknowledged gesture- smile and nod, verbal good morning, hand raise while driving or to drivers on my road while walking, all the way to Hi glad to see you, hows life going. I even make conversation with the check-out person.

  2. Hi!

    I’m still on vacation, and trying not to be glued to the blog at night – it’s not working. Thank you for liking the poem – it’s about people, expectations, not seeing that a person can change, making the change and to hell with the everything else.

    Your post is outstanding. I am a very, very friendly person. Some people think that means I’m a door mat. Nope. My mom and I went to a restaurant where we used to live. I started talking to the waitress and it turns out that she owned another restaurant that we had gone to when I was a child and I remembered her food. She was thrilled, brought out pictures, we exchanged names and numbers and when we left, we each gave her a hug. This was a wonderful experience and we all benefited from it. I wish that we, as a society, could just enjoy each other, be there as a friend and a community and live happily. We only get one shot at this consciousness.


    • That is fantastic, just by being friendly to the waitress you learned something about her and in the process made a new friend. You make a great point we should enjoy each other and be there as a friend and community.

  3. Hi

    I want you to know, that while I am very friendly, like I mentioned above, I have taken your challenge to heart and have stepped up my friendliness. It has been so very liberating and has helped me move into what I consider a final stage of a healing process that I have been going through. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


    • First off I want to thank you for reading and commenting. It is always good to get feedback and to interact with those who read my posts. I am very humbled that my post has helped you in your healing process, it is a great feeling knowing something I wrote has had a positive effect on someone.

  4. […] When I was on vacation in San Francisco, I snapped this photo because its composition intrigued me.  What is this photo saying (this is something I am still thinking about and there may be a post on this later).  Having lived in San Francisco twice and worked there, I was very familiar with the homeless and very familiar with its land marks, Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, The Pyramid Building, to name a few.  However, it wasn’t until I returned to Sonora and was sitting outside Starbucks, reading a paper, that the commonality of the two locations struck me.  A homeless man struck up a conversation with me and my friend, he was very polite, obviously lonely and delighted to have someone pay attention to him and talk to him.  (For more on a variation of this theme, please visit ( […]

  5. […] You’ll NEVER believe what has happened!  Two future heavyweights in the blogosphere together are launching their first attack.  Frontrangescribbles has agreed to do a 4 part series with me!  This series is inspired by FRS’s post Invisible ( […]

  6. seanpierre64 says:

    FRS and KK, I think this is a terrific endeavor that you both have decided to collaborate on. Having traveled the world and lived in and/or visited more countries than I care to remember, I would say that the U.S. at its basic core has lost its humanity for those that live within her borders. Once upon a time in a land far way in a Harbor, we were presented with a token of friendship and a lasting symbol of what we meant to the rest of the world and on its hallowed tablets were chiseled the words of invitation “Give me your tired huddled masses…” a century and a half latter, we the descendants of those who worked, sweated, bleed and died to make this country what it is…rarely give a crap about the man or woman we see next to us. We would be hard pressed to even describe what the person across from us even looked like. Just recently a friend and I got coffee at a conglomerate of a coffee shop of which I will leave unnamed…as we sat down outside for a few brief moments a gentleman said hello. Now before I go further, I would say that in my current job, it is such that I look at all individuals with some suspicion and wonder what they are about to do or are up to. However, my friend and I both said hello and spoke with the gentleman for a short bit.
    However, before leaving I could describe the gentleman from head to toe; dirty and disheveled, sandy blonde hair with a mustache and 4 or 5 days beard growth. He also had believe it or not soft blue eyes. He wore a dirty white t-shirt with far to many unknown stains, atop a ratty pair of brown Dickies far to large for his narrow frame. Hold it you say that’s nothing that could be any homeless man on any Main Street U.S., I get that. However, for those of us from California and or have visited the state and have partaking of an In and Out Burger, then this you will find interesting. Up in the foothills of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Range in Tuolumne County, Sonora, CA, this young man who simply wanted someone to talk to and was quite content to have someone respond to him was not a bother at all. He of all people actually surprised me as he looked me over and noticed that I was wearing a pair of digitized military issued cammies. He broken and homeless said thank you to me for my service in the military. But I digress, the remarkable thing I noticed about him was that he was wearing an In and Out Burger Paper Servers Hat. The nearest In and Out Burger is miles down the Highway. Did he travel that far in his wanderings or did he find it? What difference did it make, none whatsoever? He simply wanted to be recognized as a member of the human race and garnish some small form of dignity from a brief conversation with two absolute strangers and our reward was a smile and have a nice day!
    Oh and it didn’t cost us a thing to speak to him, but to know we had paid him some respect…”Respect earned is Respect given…” I will most definitely follow this trail you two are on.

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