Peace and relaxation

Last night there was a spectacular lighting show over the mountains. It was so peaceful laying in bed watching the lighting flashes. There was not much thunder just a light show. I know lighting strikes can cause great damage and fires, hey I live in Colorado I have seen the damage lighting can do, but it still was so relaxing watching it.

The sound of a train whistle in the distance on a still quiet night is also a peaceful thing for me. I enjoy the sound, now if I lived next to the tracks I know it would not be so peaceful especially late at night. Perception is about how something relates to you and effects you. A train whistle in the distance at night is peaceful to me but not to the guy next to the tracks. Crickets chirping in the back yard is peaceful, but one chirping in my house is maddening until I find it and remove it.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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