New Business Idea

I have decided I am going to open a new restaurant.  Yes I am going into the food service business.  First off, the name of my restaurant is going to be “Wherever You Want To Go”.  Secondly the menu will only consist of two items, “I don’t care” and “What ever you want”

Why is it when a group of people are together and someone suggest going out to eat the common answer is “where ever you want to go”?  No one wants to make a decision.  What are we afraid of? Picking the wrong restaurant?  It seems to be the worst when it is just two people involved, but I also see it present when families are together.  It is time to stop being indecisive, it is time to start making a decision.  When asked where you want to go to eat, pick a restaurant, any restaurant even it turns out being a bad selection, at least you made a decision!  When someone ask what you want to do, once again make a decision, pick an activity, hey pick something really odd or off the wall just to see the reaction on the other person’s face.  Americans it is time to stop being wishy-washy, it is time to be decisive.  To much time is wasted gong back and forth trying to make a decision, or even worse just driving around time aimlessly while you wait for a decision to be made.  Have we as a country become this indecisive?  Our children see this and become the same way.  You ask them where they want to go and they give the same wishy-washy answers.  We can do better than this!

From now on when someone ask me where I want to go, I am going to pick something, if they don’t like it then next time don’t ask me, make a decision on your own.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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2 comments on “New Business Idea
  1. Finally! A restaurant with a menu that makes sense! Brilliant! 😉

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