Labor Day Weekend-Day 2

Entrance to Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

It’s day two of the holiday weekend with my parents and we headed to Royal Gorge Bridge and Park just west of Canon City Colorado. It is one of the world’s highest suspension bridges that is 956 feet above the Arkansas River and is 1270 feet in length.  The bridge was built between June and November 1929.  Which is amazing considering how high above the canyon floor it is, and how long it is.  I would think it would still be tough to build it today’s times even with all of the advancements in technology that has occurred since 1929.

View of bridge.

The deck of the bridge as you can see in this photo is still made of wood.  It is a little eery walking across the bridge and being able to see the Arkansas River below in the cracks between the slats of wood.  You can feel the bridge sway a little with the wind and when cars go across you can feel the vibrations in the wood.  If you are one who is afraid of heights or the swaying of the bridge would make you nervous then walking across the bridge may not be for you.   There was a young couple who were about half way across the bridge but had stopped and it appeared the woman was having difficulty going any further as the man she was with was trying to comfort her and encourage her but the look on her face indicated she wanted off of the bridge.

Aerial Tram

If walking across the bridge is not your cup of tea than you may want to try the aerial tram.  It is only 1,100 feet above the canyon floor and is only 2,200 feet in length.  The four-minute ride from one rim to the other offers a fantastic view of the bridge, the canyon and surrounding area.  Once again you can feel the wind as the tram will sway a little, obviously is the wind is too strong they will shut down the tram.

You can also take the incline railway  to the bottom of the canyon and be virtually right along the Arkansas River.  It is one of the steepest incline railways with a 100% grade and an incline of 1,550 feet.  The trip down takes just over five minutes.  If you are lucky when you get down to the bottom you can catch rafters going down the Arkansas River.  The Arkansas River provides some great white water rafting adventure.

Being here, it truly is amazing at the beauty of what mother nature has created with the canyon and how over, what millions of years, this canyon was created.  Then also how man has risen to the challenge and built a bridge across this canyon.  Then the wonderful views provided by the aerial tram and the feeling of floating across the canyon.  The views of the surrounding area and the mountains.  On a clear day you can see Pikes Peak in the distance to the north.  Much of the day I just stared in wonderment at the view that was in front me.  A place like this, or the top of Pikes Peak it takes me away from the “noise” of everyday life and reminds me if how small a lot of things I worry about are.  We all probably should take time to get away from city and seek the beauty that mother nature has.  Sometimes you may have to go off the beaten path but it is out there just waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

View of Royal Gorge Bridge from aerial tram

View of canyon and Arkansas River


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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