Labor Day Weekend, Party!!!


Yard mowed..Check

Extra food in the refrig..Check

Extra sheets and towels ready for out-of-town guests..Check

Extra ice in freezer for cooler..Check

Grill ready, steaks purchased..Check

House cleaned for out-of-town guests..Check

Car filled with gas..Check (Yikes!! $3.55 a gallon)

Batteries charged for camera and memory card cleared..Check

Labor day weekend in the US is so close, I can almost smell the steaks on the grill.  This weekend my parents are coming  to town to visit.  I have not seen them since Christmas.  We live 15 hours apart so we don’t get to see each other that often.  I am glad that my parents are coming it will be good to see them and for them to spend some time with their grandsons.  I also have to admit that having out-of-town guests staying with me can also create some minor issues.  They throw my routine off.  We all have some type of routine that we go through, either in the mornings or at night, and having my parents in town will throw that routine off.  The other issue is, I feel as if I have to always be there to entertain them.  I can’t just go off and take care of things or go to my favorite chair in my bedroom and read a book (OK an eBook).  I also just can’t pop a movie on TV or catch up on “Hell on Wheels” or “Falling Skies”  The flip side, is we have several “tourist” type activities planned taking them to various spots and a balloon festival.  Having out-of-town guests, I tend to go to things I would not normally do living here.  Despite any minor inconveniences having them with me, its more important that I get to see them and spend time with them.  Having family around is the best thing anyone can hope for in my humble opinion.

I hope the man in charge of weather provides everyone great weather this holiday weekend.  Especially to the folks in the path of Isaac.  If you have the unfortunate luck of working this weekend. my the customers be polite and friendly, not rude a**holes.




Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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