August are you over yet?


This month for me seems like it won’t end.  I don’t know why as a lot has been going on this month.  Kids went back to school, meet the teacher nights, social functions, yet I woke up this morning and realized August still has several days left in the month.

I don’t know why I’m in a hurry for the month to end, it’s not like I have any great plans for September.  Then all of the holidays are right around the corner with the stress they bring.  August, at least for me, wasn’t a bad month either.  It was just there, a ho-hum month.  At the end of the year when I reflect back on the 12 months, there really won’t be any in August that will jump out at me, anything that will cause me to say WOW, August sure was something.

I think part of the problem was I had no days off in August outside of the weekends.  September brings the Labor Day holiday, plus I have a scheduled personal day thus a couple of three-day weekends which are always nice.  What would really be nice is if I could do a sabbatical say for 60 or 90 days.  Get away from work and do something different.  Something to “recharge the batteries” as the saying goes.

I recently saw a website “Vocation Vacation” that got me thinking.  The site offers, among other things, participants the opportunity to take a vacation trying out a vocation one is interested in.  The concept is very interesting to me, kind of like a mini test drive to see if the vocation is really for you.  How different would your career choice be if you had an opportunity to experience that career.  Sure there are internships, but take someone like me who is long since been out of college, I don’t think getting an internship would be possible.  (Now let me be clear, I have not tried Vocation Vacations, I have not spoken with them nor have I received anything from them in exchange for mentioning them.)

I digress, back to August.  The month will soon be over, September will roll in with college football, and NFL all starting.  The weather will get a little cooler, leaves will start changing.  Yes I think I’m ready for September to begin.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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