What is Respect?

When you get to the counter know what you are going to order, if not stay out of line until you do because there are several people behind you that do know what they want.

I am happy for you that you have a found God, but please don’t try to push your religion on me. I don’t need to be “reborn”, my Mom did a good job the first time.

The sign says 20 items or less, that means 20 items or less not 30. If you have more than 20 get in the other lane.

The “No Soliciting” sign is there for a reason, not for you to ignore and knock on my door to sell me something.

These things I had to experience this weekend. What happened that common courtesy has been abandoned by the masses? I am not claiming to be perfect, far from it, I admit I have my faults. I still try to show common courtesy to my fellow woman/man. To much it seems these days is that more people think the world revolves around them. Have we lost that disconnect to each other where respect is nothing more than a song from Aretha Franklin?


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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