Honey, I want steak tonight.

I love grilling!  I enjoy the whole process of grilling a nice steak or chicken.  The fire, the smoke, the smell, the waiting for the meat to be done just right.  Maybe its my inner being trying to connect with my caveman ancestors.  I think of you ask a lot of men they will tell you the same thing, give me a hot grill, some meat, a cold drink and I am a happy camper.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert or heck even a great grill-master.  I don’t have any secret rubs, marinade, flavorings, or sauces for my grilled meats.  I don’t have any special preparation techniques that I do to prepare the meat for the grill.   I just use some store-bought marinade and throw the meat on the grill.  This is not to say I would not mind getting a few lessons from a grill-master.  Yes I know this thing called the internet has tones of places to go for recipes and tips, I guess I am just to lazy.

Most weekends you will find me on a Saturday or Sunday sitting next to my grill.  I find it to be a relaxing time as usually I am alone.  My thoughts can wonder, I can contemplate the pressing topics of the day such as can Peyton Manning really make a difference for the Broncos?  Is my hair getting to gray?  How close to the flame can I put my hand before it really burns?  Of course you get a group of guys together around a hot grill and the topics get even deeper.

As the anticipation grows for that juicy piece of steak to come off the grill, the cold drink is about finished off, the mouth starts watering a little more.  I don’t need a fancy presentation for my steak like some high-end restaurant like to do.  Slap it on a plate, add a potato or some rice, a slice of bread and that’s heaven for me.  The simplistic approach can go a long way.

For any vegan or a vegetarians reading this, I’m sorry if  this offends you.  I grew up in the Midwest where most meals consisted of beef, pork, or chicken.  As the Beef Council slogan says “Beef, Its what’s for dinner.”

steak image courtesy of ifood.tv

beef license plate image courtesy of 75chromeshop.com


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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3 comments on “Honey, I want steak tonight.
  1. I LOVE to barbecue & smoke. I would cook this way 365 days a year if I could. The BEST reference I have ever found (and I search the internet a lot) is this book: The Best Recipe Grilling& Barbecue, by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine (ISBN 0-93618451-5). It even has a recipe for how to grill lobster and it is awesome and easy. A real “wow” dinner! I have used this book for years and have never had anything turn out other than perfect.


    • Thank you. I will look for that book. I try to grill as much as possible even in the CO winters

      • Truly great book. It’s out of print – I think. Try half.com. Or, if your not in a hurry – I have a post with the word SWAP in the title – this is a group of websites that let you swap cds, dvds, books for free with other members – all you need to do is join and list 10 items – use the link in my post and I will get a credit too if you choose to go that way. These sites are free (the cd one charges a little bit per cd) and the only money you are out is postage.


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